About Us

Bakgiyam Engineering (P) Ltd was started in the year 1980 to manufacture air compressors in Coimbatore, South india. With the vertical integration for its group requirements the company has set up a state of the art foundry, machine shop and assembly shop which enables bakgiyam to have two verticals, Contract manufacturing and Product Manufacturing. In contract manufacturing Bakgiyam has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of machined Grey and Ductile iron castings in the weight range of 750gms to 600kg. The years of experience we have in the field of Engineering has strengthen our commitment, determined customer focus, culture of quality and unique emphasis on social responsibility empowers Team Bakgiyam.

Our Vision

To become the first preferred supplier for our customers in providing machined, sub-assembled and assembled product as an OE.

Our Mission

To deliver only quality products; To deliver on-time; Systemized approach in everything we do.

Foundry Division

Iron Casting Foundries India - Bakgiyam Engineering

600tons/month. Capacity
90% Ductile iron 10% Grey iron. Material
150gms to 750kgs per piece weight. Weight range
Green sand, Alphaset sand and Shell sand moulding. Moulding Process
Shell core, Cold box core, Alphaset core and CO2 core. Core Process
190 Employees

Machine Shop Unit 1

Unit 1 - Machine Shop in India - Bakgiyam Engineering

20,000sqft Area
25machines. Capcity
HMC, VMC, VTL and TC. CNC Machines
Jig boring, Boring Machine, Vertical & Horizontal Turning. Conventional Machines
CNC CMM, Contour, Surface finish Tester, Endoscopy & Millipore. Quality
120 Employees

Machine Shop Unit 2

Unit 2 - Conventional Machine Shop

18,000sqft Area
30 machines. Capcity
VMC, VTL and TC. CNC Machines
Horizontal Turning,Radial Drilling Conventional Machines
CMM,Surface finish Tester, Endoscopy. Quality
150 Employees


International Customers

Boschrexroth - International Customers
Circor - International Customers
International Customers - Emerson
Hale - International Customers
Ingersoll Rand - International Customers
Poclain Hydraulics - International Customers
Pulsafeeder - International Customers
Revolvo - International Customers
RTK - International Customers
Sigma - International Customers
Tescso - International Customers
International Customers - Viking Pump Canada inc
International Customers - Idex Corporation
Xylem Our Client - Bakgiyam Engineering

Domestic Customers

Domestic Customers - APA Engineering
Poclain Hydraulics - International Customers
Ingersoll Rand - International Customers
Domestic Customers - CAT
Domestic Customers - Schwing
Railway Our Client - Bakgiyam Engineering
Integral Our Client - Bakgiyam Engineering
Vehicle Our Client - Bakgiyam Engineering


BEPL-Machining division I- ISO 9001
BEPL-Machining Division II- ISO 9001
BEPL -FD ISO 14001