Iron Casting Foundry


Green Sand DISA make Arpa 300 Simultaneous Jolt squeeze machine.
Sarvamangala make Arpa 450 Simultaneous Jolt squeeze machine.
Rhino Make semi-automatic High pressure moulding machine.
Alphaset sand Omega Make 20Ton continous mixer with fast loop system.
Shell sand Susha make automatic machine
Vijashree make automatic machine
Sand Plant
Green sand Rhino Make fully automatic PLC controlled 500kgs intesive mixer.
Wesman make 10ton/hr cooler.
Alphaset Omega make 6ton per hour full automatic sand reclamation system.
Core making
Amine core GS machineries make 10kg Fully automatic core shooter.
Compacor make 5kg core shooter.
Shell core Susha make 7kg core shooter.
Vijashree make Core shooter.
Alphaset Omega make 3ton continous mixer.
Oil core Manual with oven.
Inductotherm make 24pulse 1750KW provisional Tri-Track furnace with 750kgs crucible.
Shot blasting
Dhanalakshmi make 500kgs vertical shot blasting machine.
Holmatro make wedge cutting machine
Vivega make wedge cutting machine
Nozzle blasting
Swing grinders
Bed grinders
Abirami make 250kgs vertical shot blasting.
  • Spectro make Spectromaxx 27element analyser with digital display.
  • V-smart make CE analyser
  • UTM
  • Izod Impact
  • Tensometer
  • Brinell hardness tester
  • Microscope with Image analyser
  • Rhino make online sand testing in mixer
  • Kelson make Moisture analyser
  • Kelson make sand hardness/tensile tester
  • Kelson make friablity tester
  • Kelson make clay and sand afs analyser
  • Optical pyrometers
  • Red oxide dipping
  • Liquid spray painting