Bakgiyam Engineering is a paramount SG Iron Casting manufacturers in USA, Canada and Europe. We manufacture and supply SG Iron Castings throughout the USA for various sectors such as automobile, agriculture, construction, hydraulics, industrial machinery, oil & gas etc. Whether you need a standard casting or a custom casting, we can produce it to suit all your needs. In these four decades, we have excelled in operating a machining factory and built a comprehensive supply chain network to emerge as one of the renowned SG Iron Casting manufacturers to leading clients across the world.

After all, quality comes the foremost when buying a metal part, isn’t it? A genuine supplier can add strength to your business with quality products. At Bakiyam, we firmly believe in offering quality through commitment. Our team works at the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea to high-quality final products as per customer requirements. We really emphasize precision, on-time delivery, and overall excellence. We have set the benchmark in quality and delivery and that makes us your primary choice SG Iron Casting manufacturers. Yet, we are far away from our ultimate goal, hence we like to make you a part of our glorious future.



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